About a month ago(circa Oct 2021), I was lurking in /r/FL_Studio and came across this post about a no-nonsense youtube-mp3 downloader.

Then I saw the top comment suggesting

You know what would be a real crisp feature to add would be a time stamp and the website will only download audio from between those two points.

I saw it hadn't been implemented yet. So here it is — my interpretation of that comment.


For the most parts, I aimed to replicate the gestures you are familiar with when sampling in DAW.

  • To zoom in or out the waveform — Mousewheel
  • To navigate the waveform — Click, hold and drag horizontally
  • To create a sample — Double-click and drag on the waveform
  • To pause/play — Hit Space
  • To seek in the track — Press and hold the Ctrl key and click where you want to go

Frequently asked questions

What are the other sites that are supported?

Any sites that are supported by 'yt-dlp'(a fork of the popular 'youtube-dl')

What are the limitations on the supported sites?

  1. The audio track can not be more than 10 minutes long due to performance concern when interacting with the waveform on browser. But I will revisit this again.

  2. You might run into the geo-blocking issue. My server is located in US, so I guess anything that isn't blocked over there would be fine. Otherwise, you could try other videos with the same track. Beyond that, I honestly don't know yet as to circumventing this for everyone from anywhere on everything.


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